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Print the craziest ideas on a custom inlay wrap.
Size : 1cm - 7.5 cm width 

Foto 1.png

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is such a wonderful option to put patterns, figures or logos over the shell.

Images are gonna be lighten when the light passes through it.

Shell Skatepunk .jpg

Direct Color Printing

Direct Printing is one of our coolest custom options. Let your imagination flies and dream about the most beautiful designs for your drums.

(Only for clear acrylic shells) 


Color Hardware

Color hardware, why not?

This is a perfect option to bring a beautiful look to your drum, to match a custom design or just to make it look prettier a standard series.


Color Painting

Color painting is a pretty cool option to customize the aluminum shells, you can choose between bright finishes or flat mate finishes.

Let us know what do you have in mind? 

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